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Ashland Inc. Specialty Polymers and Adhesives
Columbus, Ohio, 2007-8 Structural urethane, isocyanurate and acrylic adhesives were developed for heat resistant applications. One hour ASTM D 7247 heat resistance to 220 C was achieved in structural wood adhesives.
Avery Dennison Corp.
Painesville,OH. 2003 - 4 -5. EDH performed research on pressure sensitive adhesive prototypes based on anhydride/half ester elastomers and isocyanate /oxazolidine adhesives capable of moisture curing in structural use.
ENCE Empressarial
Eucalipto de Pondevedra, Galicia, Spain 2004-5 . Durability failures and low productivity in manufacturing eucalyptus plywood were improved. This wood species is difficult to bond structurally. Progress was made, press productivity was doubled.
Homa Kolloid Co.
Moscow Russia 2008-9 Furniture edge-banding EVA-EBA hot melt formulation was developed and China-Asia sourcing located. Reactive hot melt (HM-PUR) formulation development and testing provided.
International Paper Corp. Weldwood Div. (now West Fraser Timber Ltd.)
Hinton, Alberta Canada 1999-2003. A technical due diligence study and glued wood products resource evaluation was prepared for the Hinton acquisition, $104M. Continuing laminated veneer lumber technical studies were done for this division.
Raute Canada Ltd., (H.O. Nastola, Finland)
New Westminster BC. 2004. A specialized high cure speed wood adhesive formulation was developed for test at Raute.
Switchvision Corp.
Fairfield, New Jersey. 2009 Polycarbonate to magnet metal adhesives troubleshooting and source selection provided.
Metro Testing Ltd.
Burnaby, Canada 2008 Bituminous roofing adhesives were evaluated.
Ceilings Plus Inc.
Los Angeles CA. 2004-9. EDH provides consulting in lamination of PVC, polyolefin, and wood veneers to aluminum sheet for architectural paneling at CP. Troubleshooting and claims consulting tasks have also been undertaken.
Kaye, Rose, and Partners LLP
San Diego, CA. 2008 Attorney support in litigation, and deposition -- a PSA backed decal failed in a marine environment.
American Insulock Inc.
Mesa, Arizona, 2007 Fire retardant polyiscyanaurate insulation foam formulations for molding blocks were developed and tested.
Dow Chemical Inc.
Midland, Michigan, 2007 Adhesive durability testing techniques using automatic bond testers was provided.
US Green Fiber LLC.
Charlotte, N.C. 2006 Adhesive R&D for sprayed cellulosic fiber insulation. Natural derived adhesives were sought.
WWCO Architectural,
Santa Monica CA 2006 Troubleshooting services were provided for a contact cement failure, panelboard application.
Respironics Inc. (Philips Co.)
Murrysville, PA. 2006
EDH provided a source search and test program for UV and other acrylic adhesives bonding medical devices.
Black Diamond Equipment Ltd.
Salt Lake, Utah 2006-7 EDH supplied troubleshooting services concerning low temperature performance PSAs for sporting equipment, formulation, testing, and sourcing.
Menn Law Firm Ltd.
Appleton, WI. 2006-7 Attorney support related to adhesive internal bond failure in oriented strand board (OSB) roof panel.
Mobius Technologies Inc.
Lincoln, CA. 2006 Evaluation of re-grind, powdered polyurethane flex foam scrap in OSB panel board adhesives as extender.
Foothill Ranch, CA. 2006-7 OSHA regulatory tests and approvals were obtained for the client on glued wood laminate scaffold planking imported from China.
HA Industrial Technologies Ltd. (patent holders)
Tel Aviv, Israel 2006 A report on use of emulsified paraffin wax in oriented strand board adhesives was prepared.
Dietrich Metal Framing Ltd.
Atlanta, GA 2005-6
Hot melt, high temperature SBC adhesives for asphaltic paper to metal bonding were formulated and tested.
Avery Dennison Research
Pasadena, CA. 2005. A UV cured acrylic PSA for heat shrink BOP labels was developed.
Haglund, Kelley, Norgren, Law,
Portland OR. 2005. Declaration review, and attorney support was provided on a glued wood products (OSB) failure litigation case.
Stoneworks of Art Ltd.
Miami FL. 2004-9 Special epoxy formulations were prepared for bonding FRP to marble stone.
Westlam Industries Ltd.
Langley B.C. Canada, 2004 Stress and laminate analysis of plywood laminates were supplied by EDH. Polyolefin overlays for plywood were developed using Ashland EPI-isocyanate adhesives.
Construction Specialties Inc.
Muncy, PA. 2005 An expansion joint for parkade concrete slab flooring was in need of adhesive improvement because of water leaks and mechanical failure. A study and testing study provided a 100% solids replacement for the solvent borne adhesive that was previously in use.
Sitonit Seating Inc.,
Cypress CA. 2003. EDH helped Sitonit Seating find a reactive hot melt adhesive for assembly of institutional seating. The post curing hot melt adhesive replaced solvent type candidates and thermoplastic adhesives that failed in high temperature transport and hot intermodal container shipping environment to S. Am. customers.
Synergy Pacific Engineered Timber Ltd.
Armstrong BC Canada 2002. A resorcinol novolak adhesive with polyamine cure accelerator was developed for Synergy.
Hair & Compounds Inc.
Van Nuys, CA 2008-9 Complex polyamide hot melt adhesive formulations were formulated to meet exacting cosmetic requirements.
Notable 2012-2013 Projects:

Merchant & Gould Law
Patent attorneys, EDH supplied technical advice and deposition in glued wood product litigation, Minneapolis.
Proindustria Abrasivos, Pinhais, Brazil
EDH formulated and evaluated lines of woodworking hot melt adhesives for edgbanding and assembly lamination.
Clark Hammerbeam Corp. Boston, MA.
EDH formulated an economical pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for building wrap, door, and window construction.
Williams Engineering Ltd. Edmonton AB.
Adhesive failure analysis was provided in a pre-litigation settlement concerning PVA adhesive.


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